Top 3 Reasons to Install a Mezzanine Floor

There are so many reasons to include a Mezzanine Floor in a warehouse or industrial area. Not only does a mezzanine floor allow you to maximize your space usage, it has the potential to save you money in the long run on renting/buying an additional property to accommodate stock and/staff.

1. Save on additional property costs.

Your business is growing, and you are running out of space in your current warehouse. The only solution is to buy or rent a larger warehouse. WRONG! A mezzanine floor is a viable, cost-effective option that does not impact your business address or the associated costs of relocating stock, staff, and so on.

The addition of a mezzanine floor automatically doubles your space and stock capacity by adding a second floor to your warehouse. Plus, a mezzanine floor, depending on the size, can easily be installed with little to no disruption in your daily business operations or activities.

2. Create additional workspace for staff or storage rooms. 

Office space is at a premium and the costs associated with renting or buying are high. Perhaps your current property has no offices on site? Simple to install and set up on top of a mezzanine floor without having the extra expense of renting and without diminishing from your current floor space – a mezzanine floor is ideal.

The offices are typically constructed using drywall and can incorporate anything a traditional office can. Windows can be installed for staff to look out over the warehouse and keep an eagle eye on things. Electrical outlets, air conditioning units, and customized flooring are also available.

3. More space = More stock  

Why are you in business? To make money, right? So, the more stock you can hold, the more stock you have ready to be sold. In most warehouses, the ceilings are extremely high, and traditional Racking and Shelving can only safely be installed and used up to certain heights. That's where a mezzanine floor comes in.

A mezzanine floor is a semi-free standing structure that is typically made from steel with a steel grate or wooden flooring. In a warehouse scenario, the floor can accommodate additional racking and shelving above the current stock. Thus, the stock has two levels. This immediately increases the stock capacity of the warehouse.

mezzanine floors are always a good investment and a cost-effective way to utilize your wasted or unused space. It can be customized to your specific situation and needs without affecting your daily business activities in the process.

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