Structural mezzanine floor.

Structural mezzanine floor.

Structural mezzanine floor.

Racking with Cat walk system.

Structural Mezzanine Floors

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Don’t Move out, move up. Take advantage of a cost effective Mezzanine System designed specifically for your requirements

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Mezzanine Flooring Structures provide you with a cost-efficient way to create extra floor space in your existing buildings.

Structural Mezzanine Floors leave a large open area below for maximum working space. This can be utilised for various different uses i.e. office area, packing area, storage area or receiving or dispatch area. With very little support beams taking up space, the area is open and can be used very productively.

All of our Structural Mezzanine Floors are approved by an independent structural engineer prior to manufacturing. A structural engineer’s certificate can be provided if required.

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