Structural mezzanine floor.

Structural mezzanine floor.

Structural mezzanine floor.

Racking with Cat walk system.

Cold room racking


High capacity Cold Room Storage Racks and Shelves helps to reduce costs associated with building and maintaining temperature regulated cold rooms and freezers, by maximizing the storage floor space.

This shelving has been designed for a wide range of uses which includes:
Cold Rooms – Commercial Kitchens – Laundries – Clean Rooms – Laboratories – Pharmacies

Cold Room Racking to suit your needs:

1. Standard Shelving (freestanding or can be fixed to the wall)
2. Mobile Shelving (for large cold rooms and kitchens, warehouses, pharmaceuticals, event caterers)
3. Lockable Trolleys (for restaurants, hotels and hospitals and areas open to the general public)

We provide high capacity Storage Racks and Shelves for any industry that has temperature regulated cold rooms and freezers including chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, beverage distributors, food distributors, police evidence departments.

Maximizing temperature regulated cold room and freezer floor space with high capacity storage racks and shelves consists of converting fixed aisles into moveable aisles. This is accomplished by putting rows of racks or shelves onto moving platforms that roll back and forth on floor tracks. Rows of racks and shelves move on tracks by pushing a button (powered systems) or turning a three-spoke handle (hand crank systems). The number of moveable aisles you need is based on your activity level. Typically, high capacity storage racks and shelves have one moveable aisle for every six static aisles, but it all depends on the activity level of your facility. Converting your cold room or freezer to high capacity storage racks and shelves will condense your storage area by 50% to 60%.

All cold room users know the importance of quality shelving systems. Hygiene is a big factor so it is important for any business that handles food or pharmaceuticals to choose the right kind of shelving and racking.

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